The Campan region is full of natural jowelries

The Campan region is a real haven of peace filled with natural resources. By foot leaving the residence or less than 10 to 15 minutes by car maximum, you will be amazed by all the natural treasures that this region has to offer.

At Cerf et La Biche, in the Campan region, you will be close to everything that will fill your holidays. Located halfway between the very dynamic and charming town of Bagnere de Bigorre, known for its superb architecture, its large Saturday market (the largest in the Pyrenees), its natural thalassotherapy thermal baths and its small traders and craftsmen , with on one side the Col d'Aspin and its marvelous Lac de Payolle (famous for its many hikes throughout the year), on the other, the Col du Tourmalet / La Mongie, giving you access (to Barely 10 minutes) to the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees (Le Grand Tourmalet located between 1,400 and 2,500 meters above sea level, more than 100 km of slopes). If you like to stroll and walk, you will also find many hiking areas, with its waterfalls such as that of Arizes 3 minutes from the accommodation, its magnificent lakes such as Lac de Greziolles near the Campan refuge (hiking from the accommodation ), but also many other marvels of the region of Campan, Bagnère and La Mongie.

If you like relaxation, you can also push a little further at a maximum of one hour's drive from the apartments and around the Campan region, explore many natural resources, such as the natural sulfureous water springs for example and in particular the thermal bath Aquentys or even the Grands Thermes de thalassotherapy de Bagnère, the thermal baths of Capvern or the Balnéa baths in Loudevielle. Our special mention goes to the latter, which we particularly like for their atmosphere of Roman, Japanese and Inka baths, with a magnificent view of the mountains, all year round. You will also discover other landscapes, on the other side of the mountains, 45 minutes from the accommodation and the Campan region.

The Campan region is also very rich in fauna and flora. Families of deer will come to greet you discreetly day and night, sheep will silently surround the residence in summer, donkeys from the surrounding prairies will delight your children, various birds will also be on the trip.

When we visited the residence for the first time, we were completely charmed by this marvelous decor, well beyond our initial professional project. A real favorite. We also find this favorite in the feedback from all of our tenants since the beginning of January 2023, all are unanimous: the region is wonderful!

La région de Campan offre de nombreux trésors naturels